Your insurance expires on 1 April 2018. The quickest and easiest way to renew your insurance is via this link renew online which has the added advantage of allowing you to pay your premium by debit or credit card (for which no additional charge will be made). If, however, you would like to renew via hard copy form and have mislaid yours – please print another one out from the downloads section and submit it to us as quickly as possible.

To access the secure online renewal site you will just need your:

  1. 16 digit renewal code printed on your Renewal of Cover Form
  2. BAR COUNCIL Membership Number (just the five numbers, no letter prefixes) 

Click here to renew online

If you have any other queries about your renewal either call us on 020 7621 0405 or email us at

Bar Mutual distributes Renewal of Cover Forms in mid-January. Explanatory Notes are sent to each Chambers to assist Members in completing their form.

Members are encouraged to return their completed renewal form within 14 days of receipt and by 21 February at the latest.  Premiums are due by 1 April.

During the renewal period each Chambers will receive a list of its barristers who have not returned their renewal forms together with premium debited details. Barristers who do not return their renewal forms at the proper time may be reported to their Head of Chambers and to the Bar Standards Board.

Chambers should contact one of the Administrators on 020 7621 0405 urgently if a barrister:

  • is missed out (he/she should not complete the form intended for new barristers, but the spare Renewal Form sent with the pack can be photocopied as necessary) or
  • is unable to complete the Renewal Form for any reason.